5 Ways To Spot A Flood-Damaged Car

Are you planning to buy a used car? Are you getting a low price for the vehicle you intend to purchase?


Does the car you intend to buy ooze out in a weird way? Do you spot any salt stains?

If the symptoms mentioned above are present in your car, your car is a flood-damaged used car!

Natural events like  hurricane, heavy rainfall cause rivers to overflow, causing immense damage to vehicles. Cars that are soaked in water for days are severely damaged. Their internal components are destroyed and thus should end up in a junkyard.

But do they really end up in a junkyard?

Flood-damaged cars electronics, lubricants, and mechanical systems are entirely out of order. Even the airbag controller would lose its functionality.

Would you risk your life and your family life without investigating the car in detail?

These flood-damaged cars are repaired and resold in other countries, so if you are getting a low price car.

Be vigilant, and opt for a car’s waterlogged history.

This article will help you chose the right used vehicle for your loved ones. It entails all the relevant information you may desire to attain a flood-damaged car.

Tips To Spot A Flood-Damaged Vehicle

So let’s head on with the 5 essential tips that will help you distinguish between the right car and the bad flood-damaged car.

Vehicle Identification Number

Every car is allotted with a unique VIN number that distinguishes it from other vehicles. This VIN is like a fingerprint of a human. Therefore, it is essential to check for the VIN of your vehicle. The National Insurance Crime Bureau entails all the relevant details about the car.

So, if the car is ever declared a salvage vehicle, due to flood, hurricane or any other reason. The VIN check will help you entail all the relevant details about the car.

The Odour 

When a car is exposed to a significant amount of water for a prolonged time, an odour smell remains there. A car freshener may cover up the odour, but that specific smell still remains.

So, before you plan to buy a used car, a sniff test would work.

Close the windows, and doors of the vehicle, and give a long sniff. Watch out for any moldy aroma or mildew formations, or an unpleasant smell exists. Then, watch out! It is defiantly a flood-damaged vehicle. Also, there is a common trick of using highly concentrated air fresheners to dilute the moldy smell so pay attention.

Rusty Body

When undergoing an inspection; locate for moisture signs, feel moisture between the carpet and the car body, look out for rust under the rug, and explore the material under the spare tire. Look out for signs; if you encounter any moisture or rusty body, then you are looking at a flood-damaged car.

Rust and corrosions on screws, door hinges, hood springs, and brackets under the dashboard wouldn’t just appear like that. There is something fishy!

Act smart and look ahead! Your car might be painted to hide all the rust and corrosion.

So look out for Corrosion signs at the corners of the doors. Look for bubbles on the paint, if you encounter any bubbles, then there is a suspicious sign. Rust and bubbles come together.

Piece of advice

Watch out, look closely and act smart!

It’s Time For A Test Drive

Before you intend to purchase a car, a Test drive is a must action, especially if it’s a used car. But, watch out for flood-damaged car indications. A flood-damaged car destroys the electrical system of a vehicle. Thus, if the electrical wires under the dashboard are brittle or Turing on the ignition detects any smoke or unexpected sound. Keep your fingers crossed.

You need to look watch out for more signals. Look out for

  • Dashboard lights, headlights, turn signals, emergency blinkers work properly
  • Air condition
  • Cigarette lighter
  • Radio or stereo system

If a car sits in water for a prolonged time, the above components of the work may not work well. It destroys the electrical system of the vehicle and most importantly it destroys the stereo system. So, if the car you intend to buy has no stereo or a new stereo, there might be replaced due to flood.

Watch out for all the signals! They may help you.

Order A Vehicle History Report

This is the most crucial, yet essential decision you need to make before you intend to purchase a used car. A vehicle history report assists you with all the relevant information you may desire before you want to buy a car. A vehicle history report includes all the relevant information from registration details, accident information, and use of a vehicle to further details of previous owners. Most importantly, if it will help you investigate all the relevant information of a flood-damaged car.


Make your life easy. Save your money and get hooked with one of the renowned vehicle history report company and order a vehicle history report today!

Beware! Flood-damaged vehicles return back in the market after being repaired. Only, few can identify the possible signs of a damaged vehicle.

Undergo the risk yourself, or head on to an authentic vehicle history report.

You definitely deserve a much better-generated result!