Important Questions To Ask Before Buying A Used Car

Buying a used car seems a terrible experience if you are not sure about your choices and questions about the relevant information you should seek before buying a car. However, if you are sure about the detailed information and questions about a used car, you can easily complete the process within a matter of seconds.

You can take help from authorized car history websites and retailers who provide this information for free. Besides, you can also take a test drive along with a mechanical inspection of the car before you buy it. The seller of the car can also provide useful information in case you need to know more about the used car.

However, you need to know the right questions which can help you in seeking accurate information from a seller of a used car. Here is a list of questions you can ask a seller:

Where did you buy the vehicle from?

You can ask the seller about the purchase history of the car. The purchase history can tell you more about car usage. For instance, if the car seller is the first owner, then you can expect a good condition of the car because it has been used by the seller only.

Why are you selling the car?

Asking this question will tell you the reason behind the car sale. You should know why the car is being sold so that you can be assured that the car is being illegally sold and the owner is not hiding an accident or something suspicious behind the sale.


How much mileage has the car done?

Normally the car seller mentions the mileage of the car in the advertisement. You can also ask the seller about the mileage to do a double check on the mileage. You can compare the mileage told by the owner with the car’s odometer. In this way, you can also be sure about the condition of the car.

Has the car been maintained properly?

Buying a used car can never be a risky option unless it is being checked for its maintenance. You need to ask the seller about the maintenance of the car. You should ask them about oil change, engine maintenance and spare parts. Besides, you can also ask them about the changes made to the original car. This information will help you to know about the detailed history of the car.

Did the car has any major accident?

A used car is mostly shown in excellent conditions, and the sellers try to hide the accident history for keeping the price high. You need to be sure that the car has no major accident. You can ask the seller about the accidents. However, you can also check this information with the help of a mechanic.

Did the owner has the service records of the car?

A fully maintained used car can be checked from the service records. The service records contain the time and date of the service and the type of service. You can always demand the service records from the car owner. You can also check the validity of these records from certified receipts.

Who owns the car?

The car owner must have the original documents and the certification of the car. You can ask the seller about the original. You can also demand the certified documents from the seller. Furthermore, you can also check the authenticity of these documents from online motor vehicle websites which are operated by government authorities. Besides, you can also check the ownership history. The ownership history tells you about the legal aspects of ownership of the car.

Ask the seller for a test drive?

You can always inspect a car from several perspectives when you drive it by yourself. So, ask the seller about a test drive which he will surely not reject. Take the car on a test drive and inspect every element from a driver’s perspective. You can also make sure that everything is working perfect such as applying brakes to check the brakes and shifting gears for checking that the gearbox is working smoothly.

Take the car to a mechanic before buying it

A used car can have several mechanical problems which can be hidden. For assuring the mechanical fitness of the car, you must take a mechanic along with you while you go for buying the car. You can take permission from the seller for assuring the technical fitness of the car from the mechanic.


Buying a used car can become a hassle if you do not have the required information about the car. The seller can trick you if you do not ask him proper questions related to the car. So, be sure that you ask these questions before buying a used car so that you come up with a profitable and beneficial car buying deal.