Are you planning to buy a used car? But do you know its history? Has it ever encountered a major accident? Is its body parts repaired or is it painted? Do you know anyone who can help you make this purchase decision?

Yes or no?


Cars vehicle history is the most significant element you need before you purchase a car. Remember, buying a car involves massive investment. Don’t let your efforts and money vain. Instead, get a vehicle history report;it’s your need to avail all the vital information before you purchase a vehicle

But before you get hooked with any vehicle history report company, continue reading this article.

This guide will help you resolve all your queries. This guide is divided into the following segments.

Table Of Contents

  • What Is Vehicle History Report?
  • Why Do You Need A Vehicle History Report?
  • What Does A Vehicle History Report Include?
  • Final Thoughts


Have you ever heard about a VIN code?

VIN stands for the vehicle identification number. It is a 17 character long identification code that is allotted to every vehicle; car, bus, truck or trailer. VIN number is a unique and original number which cannot be assigned to another vehicle. It is like an identification card or a fingerprint of a human. Therefore, this VIN number conveys lot information about the vehicle; from its manufacturing specs, technicalities features to its accidents.

Therefore, a vehicle history report is a generated report or an assessment sheet of a vehicle. If you plan to purchase a car, you must attain a vehicle history report. It will direct you to its full history; its mileage,maintenance, equipment, model, warranty claims, insurance coverage and everything you can think of. You can attain all relevant information you desire from vehicle history report only through the vehicle VIN code.

So what do you think do you need a vehicle history report? If yes, continue reading….


Vehicle history report is a detailed report likethe biography of a car. It will provide you with all the relevant information that will help you make the right choice.

  • Accident: A vehicle value is severely impacted by a crash, primarily if it was a significant
  • Lien registered: Lien registered vehicle is a common fraudulent practice. Beware! You could be stuck with someone else’s debt.
  • Odometer: The car you intend to purchase, its odometer could be rolled back and forth. So to save yourself from all these deceitful cases, you need a reliable, authentic and accurate vehicle history report.


A vehicle history report included all the prior information you may need to judge the credibility of your intent car purchase. It contains all the information, such as:

  • Necessary information of the vehicle: it includes all the information such as; vehicle’s VIN number, model year, a model of vehicle, manufacturing flaws and information, transmission type, steering system type,and complete vehicle database.
  • Vehicle’s complete history: The report entails vehicle history; its original odometer reading, accidents, damages, use of the vehicle, information about previous owners, manufacturing defects, and all information regarding technical inspections. Vehicle history report also provides stolen vehicle database; so with the help of this report, you may attain all information about the stolen cars in a specific country too.
  • Supplementary information:Vehicle history report provides information in the form of; Last Enquiry, frequency, and check on the vehicle you intend to buy (potential purchasers who were interested in the vehicle and the reason of their rejection or decision)
  • Equipment of the car: Color of the vehicle, the color of the mirrors, glass, door handles, bumpers and molding, number of airbags installed during manufacturing, type of A/C,type of audiosyste, and all the relevant information of the equipment of the cars. This will help you make a better comparison of the vehicle presented to you for sale with its original manufacturing.
  • Archived photos: Who doesn’t want to view pictures of a vehicle they intend to buy? I would love to, and I am sure you would want to do the same. If yes, you need a vehicle history report.


So if you wish to gather all the relevant information about the vehicle you intend to buy you need vehicle history report, it will save you money, time and help you choose the best option among all. So, get hooked with our vehicle history report today because we will help you in providing the following information. Such as:

  • Stolen vehicle record
  • Technical data of the vehicle
  • Last record mileage
  • Knowledge about any accidents
  • Archived photos
  • Use of vehicle
  • Manufacturing defects

Remember: if you want a piece of mind and save money; never buy a used car without an authentic, comprehensive and a reliable vehicle history report. Be confident of what you are paying for!