Pre-Purchase Inspection​

Do You have your eyes set on a car Oversees? Don’t Settle for Lemon………



  • Our experienced mechanics will perform a complete car inspection at any seller’s location oversees.
  • Get on site pictures with detailed notes of the car’s condition
  • Timely delivery of report in your email at affordable pricing

Let us help you Inspect that preferred car choice of yours oversees before you decide to purchase it. Get good value for your money and buy with confidence.

Our pre-purchase Car inspection Need to Know...


What is You Pre-purchase Car Inspection Process?

We operate at your own pace. Once you fill out the form, we send you a quotation. You tell us when to be on ground and our  our mechanics will go to the car owner’s location to inspect the car. The mechanic performs a standard 150-point inspection. The 150-point inspection includes: brakes, cooling system, tires, the HVAC, the suspension, a visual inspection of the fluids and overall external appearance. The mechanic will also take photos of both the exterior and interior of the car. 

Also, other inspection criterias that our mechanics cover includes the  scanning the car’s interface to diagnose error codes and test drive the car to ensure its safety as well  as the other operational functionalities.  You reserve every right to disallow permission for a test drive, but note in mind that if you disallow mission for a test drive, our mechanics will complete other inspection but will not be able to complete the test drive aspect to determine the safety ratio as well as the full operational capabilities while on the road as the test drive aspect was not granted.

How Soon Do I Get The Pre-purchase Car Inspection Report?

After you have filled the for on this page to request a quote, our mechanics partners are ready to go once the price on the quote has been matched . You should get your detailed pe-purchase inspection report within 24 -72 hrs.  


To get your detailed and comprehensive pre-purchase car inspection report, you must fill out the required portions of this form. Once the form is submitted, your quotation would be sent to the contact information we have collected. Please ensure you fill out this form carefully.